Greg grew up in a single parent household in rural America where he learned the value of hard work as his mother often worked three jobs to provide for him and his siblings. Greg’s mom taught him to take great pride in an honest day’s work; this led Greg to mow lawns, deliver newspapers on his bike, and work as a farm hand at a local dairy farm all from age 12.

After playing college football for a year, Greg felt a strong call to service and enlisted in the United States Army.  He attributes his strong desire to serve, in part, from watching his father serve their local community as the volunteer fire chief for more than a decade. During his enlistment, his commander encouraged him to consider West Point. Realizing that opportunities like West Point do not present themselves to a kid like Greg—not from wealth, lacking political connections, and from a small town with not many opportunities—he jumped at the opportunity to be the first in his family to earn a college degree. As he often tells folks who ask, the best decision he ever made was to make the necessary sacrifices to earn his way into West Point as an enlisted Soldier.

Greg graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in 2006 and shortly after reported to the Home of the Airborne and Special Forces, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. After spending a few months in Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010, Greg volunteered to deploy to Iraq, where he commanded a company of 225 paratroopers for a year. Wanting to make North Carolina their permanent home after living in rural Harnett County, as well as urban Durham County, he and his family decided to transition from active duty in the summer of 2012.  Today, Greg continues to wear the uniform as a Major in the North Carolina National Guard.

After making North Carolina home, Greg went on to earn his MBA, through distance learning, and start a small real estate business with his wife. Greg continues to give back to his community as a PTA President at his daughter’s elementary school and as the director of a nonprofit 5k run for veterans. Further, Greg served as a substitute teacher for the Harnett County School District and worked as a policy advisor in the North Carolina House of Representatives. While working in the General Assembly, Greg helped craft the voter identification legislation requiring folks to present photo identification when voting.  Additionally, he assisted in crafting North Carolina’s first comprehensive tax code overhaul in nearly 70 years, lowering the tax burden on hard working families.

Greg currently earns a living as a business consultant and is married to his high school sweetheart of 20 years, Carrie, who works as a nurse in Fayetteville.  They are the blessed parents of three young daughters, Ellie, Lainey, and Evie Joy and reside in Holly Springs.